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IEO is a high-quality blockchain new project selection platform, you can now participate in project investment at an early stage.
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  • What is the release date of the IEO project?

    IEO will provide users with opportunities to experience new high-quality blockchain projects from time to time. All activities will be warmed up in advance and the rules of the activities will be announced so that users can prepare for participating in the project. You can keep an eye on the latest projects on the platform Advice and notification.

  • How can I participate in IEO?

    First, you need to create a Klickl personal account or log in to an existing account; second, please ensure that you have completed KYC certification; finally, you need to hold a certain amount of digital currency to participate in the event. After you log in to your account, you can view information and read details, and you only need to click the mouse/screen to complete the purchase operation.

  • What types of activities does IEO have?

    IEO currently offers discounted sales types.